QEID Entry Portal


Used by 4Cs club members to enter the competition

This is where QEID competition entries are accepted.

This site automates the entry of photo images in the 4C's QEID Competition every quarter. Previously, images were entered by attaching them to email messages but that has changed. Now all QEID entries are entered using this web site.

Be Aware - QEID entries sent as attachments to email will nolonger be accepted. This site automates the checking of file sizes, pixel dimensions and it eliminates the need for Mac computer users to zip their entries as was the case before. The new process should be easier and it should save everyone a lot of time. As bugs in the new process are identified, they will be fixed so be patient and we encourage you to enter the QEID Competitions. It is the best bargain around because it is open to all 4Cs Clubs and their members FREE OF CHARGE.

Three entries are allowed every quarter by members of 4Cs photo clubs which are located in Idaho, Oregon, Northern California and Washington. The three images can be in any combination of the three 4Cs QEID categories, i.e., Altered Reality, Monochrome and Traditional. More about the categories, maximum files sizes, maximum pixel dimensions and file naming requirements can be found under the About Tab.

If you are the member of a 4Cs Club and you are ready to enter your three competition entries, click on the Entries Tab to submit your 3 QEID entries. If you have questions that are not answered on this site, you are welcome to forward your questions using the QEID Chairman's email address. Be aware that the quick answers are found on this web site.

 Remember - Image files sent as attachments to email can't be accepted!