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About The 4Cs QEID

A bit about the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs (4Cs)

The Columbia Council of Camera Clubs (4Cs) is affiliated with the Photographic Society of America (PSA) and it exists in the Pacific Northwest to promote photography knowledge and enjoy fellowship between member clubs. This is accomplished through teaching, competition and the study of contemporary and classic works of photographers and like organizations. Photo clubs belong to the 4Cs. Individuals belonging to photo clubs that belong to the 4Cs, are therefore also members of 4Cs. Any of these members are eligible to enter the 4Cs QEID Competitions which are held quarterly.

More about the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs and a listing of the various 4Cs Clubs can be found using the links provided herein.

Information about the Quarterly Electronic Imaging Division Competition?

Electronic Image Competitions fall into two different Divisions in the 4Cs, i.e., the Electronic Image Division (EID) and the Quarterly Electronic Image Division (QEID). The EID holds monthly competitions and the entries are forwarded for judging by the 4Cs Member Clubs based on the results of internal photo club competitions. The QEID holds quarterly competitions and the entries are forwarded to the 4Cs for judging by the individual members of the 4Cs Clubs. Unlike the EID Competitions, which are club competitions, QEID Competitions are considered to be individual competitions and awards are given to the individual participants for that particular competition. Award ribbons for the QEID Competitions are typically mailed to the respective 4Cs Club for presentation of the award to the winning photographers. Both competitions rely upon electronic images presented by digital means, e.g., displayed on a computer or digitally projected onto a viewing surface. Images are not limited to those created and/or modified digitally: images may also be acquired on film and then scanned, modified if desired, and entered into competition by judges designated by the 4Cs management team.

Deadlines for the QEID Competitions

Entries for the QEID Competitions can be made 30 days before the deadline. The entries are made using this web site and The QEID Entry Deadline is midnight on the following dates:

Winter - January 31st
Spring - April 30
Summer - July 31st
Fall - October 31

Number and Type of Files Allowed

Members of 4Cs Clubs are allowed to enter a maximum of 3 image files in the QEID Competition. The required file format is JPG. If more than 3 entries are submitted, only the first three will be accepted for judging in the QEID Competition. It is important to follow the instructions. Sorry but if you want to change one or all of your entries, they can be entered in the next QEID Competition the following quarter. Replacements aren't allowed.

NO watermarks (identifying information such as name, title, or copyright symbol) may be added to the image. Note that the 4Cs will add copyright/name watermarks to images before displaying them on the 4Cs website.

Image File Size Requirements For Entry

As stated above, 3 JPG image files are allowed to be entered in the QEID Competition and the files sizes are restricted to:

  • 2 Megabyte (2,000 KB) is the maximum file size allowed.

  • 1050 pixels is the maximum vertical (top to bottom) dimension allowed.

  • 1400 pixels is the maximum horizontal (left to right) dimension allowed.
  • Competition Categories

    Three entries are allowed in the QEID Competition and they can all be in the same category or a mixture of the categories. The categories are described as follows:

  • Altered Reality - Depicts photographic subjects in a substantial departure from realism. This may be accomplished through control of content, the photographic process, or post processing. The code for this category is A.

  • Monochrome - Monochrome images are defined to consist of only white and black, as well as all shades of gray in between. Toning is allowed, but must cover the entire image and be of a single color; e.g. sepia toning. Images with spot color, selective color or that are colored with two or more colors must be entered in the Traditional or Altered Reality Categories. The code for this category is M.

  • Traditional - This category typically includes photographs that depcict realism. Basically, this category includes any image that doesn't fall in the Altered Reality or Monochrome Categories. The code for this category is T.

  • File Naming

    Other than the quality of the image entered, the file naming is the most important part of the process because it is used to identify the category, the name of the maker, the name of the 4Cs club and the title. The file naming process has been automated with the creation of this web site. Just make sure that your name, the title of the image, the 4Cs Club Code and the category are entered correctly. The website will do the rest and the judging sheets and the award ribbons will be created from the information you enter. Please make sure that it is accurate because corrections by volunteers, after the fact, creates extra work and problems.

    Please be aware that some characters won't be allowed in the name of the maker, title and 4Cs Club Code. This was done intentionally to ensure accuracy in the processing of the files, judging sheets and award ribbons. Regarding the 4Cs Club Codes, they can be found on the 4Cs Web Site at this link for the 4Cs Clubs